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Photo-Finish Timing Systems Trusted by the World Governing Body

In 1994 Lynx System Developers began providing photo finish and timing services to international Short Track Speed Skating events held under the direction of the International Skating Union. Since that time, more ISU races have been captured, and more World Records ratified, with FinishLynx photo finish and timing technology than with any other system.

For Long Track applications, Lynx has packaged solutions that contain everything you need, and which range from the elegantly simple, utilizing photo cells and a digital chronometer to produce fully automatic times, to the sophisticated and powerful: where EtherLynx photo finish cameras are integrated with scoreboards, lap counting, photo cells etc. to create a solution suitable for events at the highest level.

With the optional Lap Time software and compatible hardware, FinishLynx systems also have the ability to integrate seamlessly with transponder technology for instantaneous delivery of split times, as well as providing automatic lap counting.

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Note: All packages are customizable to meet specific needs, and components are available individually