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Technology Chosen by Some of the World's Fastest Moving Sports

Ever since 2003, when NASCAR and the AMA PRO Motorcycle Racing Series made the switch to Lynx technology to supplement and verify data from their existing transponder systems, the world of high speed racing has been changed. With a recent margin of victory in an AMA US Grand Prix of 0.0008 second, the ability of the Vision PRO range of cameras to take 20,000 images a second is invaluable to ensure fair and accurate results. At 200 mph an hour, each frame represents less than 1cm of distance travelled!

The safeguard of reviewable photo finish images, for every competitor on every lap of a race, helps protect against transponder failure that may be caused by crash damage or other causes, and ensures accurate race data collection under all conditions.

The flexibility of Lynx hardware and software to cope with the differing requirements of the range of high-velocity sports means that building a customized solution to a particular problem is easy. The knowledge gained from experts in the field, and the experience of Lynx technical support staff, all contribute to a customer satisfaction experience that is unrivalled in the industry.

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Note: All packages are customizable to meet specific needs, and components are available individually