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Trusted by Horse and Greyhound Events Around the World

Precision, accuracy and reliability are always important at sporting events when producing results, and ensuring fairness. In the Pari-mutuel industry these require­ments are further heightened by the need to provide instantaneous, trustworthy, information to the betting industry. Since the first FinishLynx installation in 1994, Lynx has been trusted to provide this information to the pari-mutuel industry around the world.

A glimpse of the need for this level of trust can be gained by considering the fact that on September 9th 2007 at the Sha Tin race track in Hong Kong more than US$106 million was wagered on a single day’s racing: a day of racing where every result was produced and verified by EtherLynx photo finish technology.

At the other end of the pari-mutuel spectrum are events where the compact and portable nature of the technology is important. In these situations, the ability of the EtherLynx Vision and Vision PRO cameras to operate on battery power, and to communicate wirelessly may be paramount.

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