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ReacTime Full Start Detection

rt3ReacTime is the world’s only completely wireless Championship False Start Detection System that can also be used as a modular Reaction Training System. Unlike some simpler systems, ReacTime has no “contact pads”, and it cannot be tricked. The system is easy to use and rugged. The battery or AC powered blocks are weatherproof and are designed to withstand the tough demands of a track environment.

When used as a stand-alone personal training system to help sprinters improve their starting technique, an individual ReacTime module can be used to record and display an athlete’s gun-to-motion times to an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second. The Competition ReacTime system detects false starts (as defined by World Athletics rule 162.10 and USATF rule 60.18) also to an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second-and instantly signals this information to the starter.

World Athletics Rule 161 Clause 2: In competitions held under Rule 12.1(a), (b) and (c), the starting blocks shall be linked to an IAAF approved false start apparatus. The Starter and/or an assigned Recaller shall wear headphones in order to clearly hear the acoustic signal emitted when the apparatus detects a false start (i.e. when reaction time is less than 100/1000ths of a second). As soon as the Starter and/or an assigned Recaller hears the acoustic signal, and if the gun is fired, or the approved starting apparatus is activated, there shall be a recall and the Starter shall immediately examine the reaction times on the false start apparatus in order to confirm which athlete(s) is/are responsible for the false start. This system is strongly recommended for all other competitions.

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