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BMX Gold Package

cycling3The BMX Racing Gold Package is among the most advanced packaged solutions available for BMX racing today. With two EtherLynx Vision cameras producing dual-angle photo-finish images, the Gold Package provides timers with clear, precision results not available on traditional timing systems. Both Vision cameras come equipped with EasyAlign video alignment mode and High-Resolution for 2,000 fps captures. They also have LuxBoost low-light capture mode, on-board levels, and internal battery backups. Not only does the package provide full-color results from both sides of the finish line; it includes the IdentiLynx 2-D video camera for full-color head-on identification as well. This sophisticated camera setup is further enhanced by the other core components in the Gold Package.

The Virtual Photo-Eye and Auto-capture plug-in enables Auto-Capture Mode (ACM) on your FinishLynx software, allowing operators to record finish-line images with using a capture button by turning your cameras into virtual photo-eyes.  The Gold Package also includes a 5-digit reflective scoreboard for displaying real-time rider results for the benefit of fans, announcers, and riders alike. This kind of complete hardware and software integration is a perfect example of why more and more cycling officials are choosing Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) solutions from Lynx.

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Note: All packages are customizable to meet specific needs, and components are available individually