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Grand Prix Elite Package for Track Events
This Grand Prix Elite photo-finish package is a world-class timing and results system and arguably the finest photo-finish package available in the world. When it comes to digital timing and photo-finish, this package has everything you need and everything you want.

The package builds on the Grand Prix package and includes two powerful photo-finish cameras equipped with high-resolution captures (2k and 6k fps), EasyAlign, electronic levels, LuxBoost, internal batteries, Video Display Modules, and remote control features. It also includes a wind gauge, wireless start detection system, 6 LED video displays, powerful live results software, and the convenience of a secure wireless infrastructure that can handle cameras and a whole range of serial devices. Choose the Grand Prix Elite package to outfit your venue or event with the world's most powerful athletics timing system.

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Note: All packages are customizable to meet specific needs, and components are available individually