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Competition Elite Package for Track Events

The Competition Elite Package is an all-inclusive, single-camera, color photo-finish system. It needs only a computer to deliver World Athletics compliant Fully Automatic Times (FAT) at track meets of any size.

The Competition Elite package includes an EtherLynx Vision photo-finish camera with EasyAlign video alignment mode and High-Resolution for 2,000 fps captures. It also comes equipped with an World Athletics compliant wireless start system and the ACM software plug-in to automatically capture athletes as they cross the finish line.

World Athletics Rule 165: 15: …[Fully Automatic Timing apparatus] shall be started automatically from the Starter's gun, or approved starting apparatus, so that the overall delay between the report from the muzzle and the start of the timing system is constant and less than one millisecond.

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Note: All packages are customizable to meet specific needs, and components are available individually