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Competition -paketti
(Finnish translation coming soon) This Package combines three powerful software products and an AirLynx wireless network. AirLynx is more than simple computer-to-computer wireless communication – dozens of products can do that. The AirLynx infrastructure covers wireless communication between handheld computers running FieldLynx Event Administration software, with wind-gauges, scoreboards, and databases – it is also fully compatible with the wireless connectivity features available with the EtherLynx Vision PRO and Vision cameras.

The FieldLynx software at the heart of the package will allow complete management of all your field events, from athlete check in, to results integration with your meet management software. This modular package can be upgraded at any time to include a wide range of displays, wind gauges and EDM (electronic distance measurement) technology.

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Huom: kaikki paketit ovat räätälöitävissä erityistarpeiden mukaan, ja komponentteja on saatavissa yksittäin