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Deportes pari-mutuel - carreras de galgos (Spanish translation coming soon)

In the high stakes world of greyhound racing there is no room for error. Lynx products are designed and built in the US to ensure the highest standards of system design, quality and reliability. They are easy to use and unfailingly accurate.

For years Lynx technology has been setting the standard for tamperproof security, and the EtherLynx range of products continues that tradition. The photofinish images produced by Lynx products are encoded, and time-indexed - they cannot be opened or manipulated in any computer graphics program. With the integrated backup function, images and data can be written automatically to an archive disk for later examination.

Results in seconds. Instantaneous transfer of images and data to judges, to Television, to the Internet, and to scoreboards. Reducing the time taken to produce official results means more time is available for the placement of bets.
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Note: Todos los paquetes son adaptables para cubrir necesidades especificas, y los componentes están disponibles individualmente