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Ciclismo en carretera - el paquete Silver

(Note: Spanish translation coming soon) The FinishLynx Road Cycling Silver Package boasts one of the most powerful and versatile photo finish cameras available today–the EtherLynx Vision PRO with Extended Zoom. The Vision PRO's flexible frames rates and image heights make it perfect for capturing all type of cycling events. The camera captures full-color photo-finish at up 3,000 frames per second and vertical resolutions up to 2,048 pixels. That means no road is too wide and no rider too fast for a world-class Lynx system at your finish line. The Vision PRO also comes standard with EasyAlign video alignment mode, LuxBoost low-light capture mode, an on-board level, and electronic filter control. If needed, the Vision PRO can also be upgrades to capture 6,000 fps or 20,000 fps for other high-speed applications.         

In addition to the Vision PRO photo-finish camera and its powerful features, the Silver Package also includes all the necessary mounting hardware, cables, software, and technical support you need. The software also comes equipped with the popular Virtual Photo Eye and Auto-Capture plug-in. ACM enables the FinishLynx software to automatically record each rider’s image when they cross the finish line, without needing any intervention from the operator. It is a patented feature that is unique to FinishLynx.

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Note: Todos los paquetes son adaptables para cubrir necesidades especificas, y los componentes están disponibles individualmente