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Ποδηλατοδρομιου - Bronze Πακέτο

cycling3The photo finish technology in the Bronze Package offers clear advantages over other entry-level results systems in use at this level. The FinishLynx camera in the Bronze Package has a standard resolution of 2,000 frames per second, compared to only 60 on a conventional video system. Its upgradable resolution means the EtherLynx Vision PRO is a perfect high-velocity camera; no course will ever be too fast or too wide for accurate photo finish results.

When compared to a transponder or “chip” system the Lynx Bronze Package generates rapid accurate, and verifiable, results without the need to carefully attach a chip to the bike before the race – or worry about collecting it afterwards.

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Σημείωση: Lynx πακέτα είναι προσαρμόσιμη και κατασκευαστικά στοιχεία διατίθενται ξεχωριστά