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Пакет «Элитный Гранд При»

При выборе пакета «Элитный Гранд При» весь обмен данными обеспечивается беспроводным соединением!

(Russian translation coming soon) This Grand Prix Elite Color Photo Finish Package is the absolute state-of-the-art in digital timing and results distribution. When it comes to digital Timing and Photo Finish, this Grand Prix Elite package has everything you need - and everything you want!

The package builds on the Grand Prix package and includes the finest photo finish cameras equipped with automatically controlled Nikon mount lenses, a wind gauge, wireless start detection system, multiple running time clocks, alphanumeric scoreboard, video display software and hardware, and finally, the convenience of a secure wireless infrastructure that can handle cameras and a whole range of serial devices. This top-of-the-line package is a clear winner.

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