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Пакет «Элитный Гранд При»

Системы электронного измерения дистанции (ЭИД) LASERLYNX и ультразвуковые ветромеры полностью отвечают рекомендациям I.A.A.F по точности измерений!

The Grand Prix Elite field event package provides technical solutions at the highest level. In addition to all the hardware available at the Grand Prix level, the focus of these packaged solutions has been directed at keeping spectators, athletes and coaches informed by the addition of multiple display boards.

The Grand Prix Elite package includes four 3-sided LED video scoreboards, one at every field station. That means that spectators can follow the progress of events as never before. Names, performances, and rankings can all be sent directly from the handheld computers running FieldLynx. The boards can also display graphics and animations, and even connect directly to a FinishLynx camera using the Video Display Module to display live results.

As truly global solutions, the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Elite packages come complete with LynxPad and FieldLynx software that can be configured into any language: Romanic, Cyrillic and Character-Based languages are all possible. The end result is a data flow process that is fast, seamless, and error free, and one which will greatly contribute to the success of an event in the eyes of the organizers, the athletes, and the fans. The contents of these packages are impressive by any standards: wireless infrastructure, wireless equipped hand-held computers for event management, wind gauges, data communication hardware, single line and multiple line scoreboards.

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